WINTER: Please note temperate plants are dormant and will not look the same as pictured. Do not forget a heatpack if your temps are low! Especially for tropicals!

Carnivorous Plant Care

This is a general care guide for most plants. Specifics will be added soon.



Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, Rain or water with TDS under 50.

Keep media moist.


Low to high light, most plants will do fine in the middle ground. Some will thrive more with more light, some would prefer less.


Most species should be kept above 65 degrees during the grow season or at all times. VFT, Sarrencia and any temperate species go colder during winter/dormancy.


Pure Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss (LFSM), LFSM + Perlite, rock mixes or Peat + Perlite.

Medias that do not add TDS or PPM (no nutrients/mineral-free)