WINTER: Please note temperate plants are dormant and will not look the same as pictured. Do not forget a heatpack if your temps are low! Especially for tropicals!

Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plant) Care Guide

Posted by Vincent Green on

This is a general care guide - it will be updated later for specific species.


Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, Rain or water with TDS under 100.

Keep media moist, but not soaking wet. It can dry out for a day or so depending on temperature and air flow.


Filtered, Indirect or Low to Medium Light.

Leaves may turn red, when receiving too much light. This is okay, if they burn or turn spotty red, the light is too intense.


Lowland:  Day: 90+, Night: 70+ (Ampullaria, Bicalcarata, Rafflesiana)

Intermediate: Day 80+, Night: 65+ (St. Gaya, Spathulata, Ventrata)

Highland: Day 70-75, Night: 60+ (Lowii, Hamata, Edwardsiana)

Most plants can function outside of their specific range, but these are the ideal ranges. All nepenthes are tropical, so you do not want to let them get cold. They will die back very quickly. Humidity is also important, keep it 70%+ for ideal conditions, but you can also slowly acclimate the plants to less.


Pure Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss (LFSM), LFSM + Perlite or Peat + Perlite.

I prefer LFSM with perlite.


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