WINTER: Please note temperate plants are dormant and will not look the same as pictured. Do not forget a heatpack if your temps are low! Especially for tropicals!

Drosera (Sundew) Care Guide

Posted by Vincent Green on

This is a general care guide - it will be updated later for specific species.


Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, Rain or water with TDS under 100.

Keep media moist, the pot can sit in water so as to need little maintenance.


Medium light, these plants should receive around 10 hours of bright light.

Leaves should turn red and have dew, if they are green and no dew, you do not have enough light.

Petiolaris dews will want very high light.


Tropical: 65+ ideally. These do not go dormant. (Capensis, Spatulata, Natalensis)

Petiolaris: These need to be kept warm, 70+ and also need humidity kept higher than other drosera. They can have a dormancy, but it is best kept as a tropical plant, dormancy is a last-ditch effort to survive.

Temperate: 25+ During winter they will go dormant, if you live in a harsh frozen zone, put them in a covered area such as a basement. (Filiformis, Intermedia).


Pure Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss (LFSM), LFSM + Perlite or Peat + Perlite.

I prefer peat + perlite for my Drosera.


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